Feb 232017

Every beginning is hard. How to start profitable online startup and make money online? Here are some tips for your online bussiness start without common mistakes.

Make an Youtube channel and videos to gain free traffic

If you want to get traffic for free, Youtube is an awesome choice. If you use it correctly, Youtube can bring you lots of targeted visitors. Make some simple and short videos about your niche and link back to your website. You can put link into video, and also in comments below.

Create a page on Facebook and other social networks

Social networking brings you lots of free traffic. Create a page on all main social networks, and post there interesting and on-topic content. You can also advertise your page in groups related to your niche and get some fans. If you will share realated and interresting content, you will gain more fans, followers and likes. Time after time, you can add to your page some content with affiliate link.

Build an e-mail list

E-mail lists are an awesome source of free visitors to your website. Ask your visitors to join your newsletter, or give them something for free, in exchange for their email. For example, short e-book or infographic works well. If you have an email list, you can send them emails with affiliate offers related to your niche, which brings you highly targeted traffic and conversions.

Read, listen and learn continuously

To be successful in online marketing is not easy. There are floods of information all over the internet. You should permanently learn and study new trends in online marketing.

Add social media buttons on your website

To be connected to social networks is very important. Add some social media buttons on your website. Your visitors, who like your articles can click on the buttons and share your content with their social media friends. It can bring you much more visitors.

Stay focused and be patient

Make money in online marketing can be a long term run. So write and add new artices, get new backlinks to your site, spread info about your website in discussions, forums and social networks. Be effective and focus also on your customers. While it may be the oldest lesson in marketing, all you have to do is to listen to your customers and follow their wishes.

Feb 222017

If you want to earm money on your affiliate site, you really know how important it is to get traffic to your website. Huge loads of traffic bring you more sales and more money from affiliate. Driving traffic to your affiliate web is not easy, but it’s definitely something you can do for free or on a small budget. Here are a some tips that you can use just now to see increase of website trafic.

How to drive targeted traffic to affiliate website

One of the best ways to get quality targeted traffic for free is Longtail SEO. What does it mean?Long tail SEO is optimizing yor site for longer, more specific keyword phrases that are less competitive than common, popular phrases. For example: you are selling T-shirts. Trying to rank your website for keyword T-shirt, will be very difficult, maybe impossible, because there is big big amount of sites optimizing for this keyphrase, and you probably will not be able to beat this competition. But if you will try to optimize your website to longer, less competitive key phrases, like “Yellow XL T-shirts” or “Black T-shirt with dog picture in it” you can be more successfull. One longtail keyphrase brings you less traffic than major, high competitive keyword, but you can find almost infinite count of those longtail keyphrases and its combinations, which together drive a lot of highly targeted traffic which converts like a crazy. Long tail SEO optimization is very important, because you can get insane loads of traffic to your affiliate website for free.

Yes, I want to get quality traffic to my website!

Where to find best longtail keyphrases? One of the best free tools is google adwords keyword planner. You can download from it a huge list of keyphrases, which can you sort by competition, monthly searches and average click price in adwords.
Other powerful free tool is Google suggestions. How to use it? Just start typing your primary keyword into the Google search box and see what variations Google suggests:
You can also use Google’s Related Searches, which work at the same principle as the Google Suggestions that appear while you’re typing your main keyword, but these suggested related searches will appear at the bottom of the first page of organic search results.
For beginners, who are fightingwith low budget, is longtail seo one of the best cheapest ways, how to get quality targeted traffic, which converts.