This simple method is very easy to do, if you follow this free tutorial. You can earn 100$ per day with almost no effort and you can scale it up to 1000$ daily quite easy. This method is suitable for newbies, because it doesn’t need almost any investment or programming skills.

What will you learn?

This simple but effective moneymaking method is based on creating an email list and the using it to market affiliate or CPA offers to people. With an email list, you will be able to target potential customers repeatedly, again and again, sell them your products and make money.

How to create an email list?

We will buy “solo ads” and send visitors to a “squeeze page” where we persuade them to opt-in to an “auto responder”, offer them a “lead magnet” and get their e-mail adresses. Then we can send them automatic emails with “affiliate” or “CPA” products. It may sound a little bit complicated, but it is quite easy.
Let me explain, what does these terms mean:
What are Solo Ads? A solo ad is a one time email blast, that you buy from a vendor that has generated a list of prospects, which are “Ready-To-Buy”. You can find many Solo ads vendors on the internet. Once you made your purchase, the vendor will send emails to his subscribers and drive traffic to your Opt-In page.

What is the squeeze page? This is a webpage that is designed to capture visitor’s personal details like name and e-mail address and make subsriber list. The subscriber list is considered the most important part of a mailing campaign.

What is an auto responder? Autoresponders are automated programs that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Autoresponder wil send a selling e-mail, or a sequence of e-mails to adresses in your subsriber list.

What is your goal? We need to build the biggest list possible. The more subscribers we gain, and lately target, the more money we earn. For example, you will be able to earn one buck monthly from every subscriber on your list. If you have 1,000 subscribers on your list, and you send them an e-mail promoting an affiliate offer where you make $30 per sale and only 1% bought it, you would make $300. From sending only one e-mail. And you can send e-mails every day, so you can easily make $9,000 monthly. Of course, you can scale it up and build bigger and bigger list and earn tens of thousands dollars a month effortlessly. Sounds good, isn’t it?
What is a lead magnet? Why those people give you their e-mail adresses? Getting their email is a transaction. You want their email, so you have to offer in return something they want. The better and attractive is lead magnet, the more subsribers you gain. Your job is to sell the idea of subscribing to your list, and you need an attractive offer to do it.

How much solo ads cost?

The awerage price is about $0.35 per click, depending on quality of vendor’s list. For example, you will buy clicks for 20$ and get about 60 clicks.
From those 60 clicks, 40 people will opt-in. Then your autoresponder will send them an affiliate offer, and you get one sale for 30$. You will have all of your invested money back plus some profit. Now you can send offers every day again and again for free! If you will re-invest those money and buy another solo ad, you will get more subscribers and earn more money, so you will be able to buy more solo ads. After 6 months you can easily have 10.000 subscribers and earn 3000$ from every sent e-mail.

Step by step guide to profit

Step 1 : Choose a good product to promote. Find one on ClickBank with high gravity and make some little research about it. Try to find some reviews and learn some information about it.

Step 2 : Now build a squeeze page with a lead magnet. You need convince your visitors to download this lead magnet for free, in exchange for their e-mail address. Lead Magnets don’t have to be too time-intensive to create, long or complex. What you simply need to do is to solve some problem with a solution for a segment of your market. Lead magnet might be for example a short e-book, tutorial, cheatsheet, resource list or infographic, solving a specific problem of your audience.

Step 3 : Now you need to setup an auto responder. There are many autoresponders on the market, some of them are for free at basic level, like Mailchimp or GetResponse, others will cost some bucks. I can recommend Aweber, which is one of the best. Set up your web form and the thank you page, where visitor goes after he finish the subscription. Setup also some selling e-mails which will be automatically sent to your subscribers. Test it. Try to subscribe with your e-mail address to see if it works properly. Once all is done, you should start sending traffic to your autoresponder.

,Step 4 : Order a solo ad. (You may also send some traffic from your Facebook or other social networks for free.) Find some solo ads providers and search for their reviews. Choose one with best price and good reviews. I have good experience with Phillip P. Brewer from who provides one click for 0.40$.
Step 5: Write a catchy swipe. What is a swipe? It is an e-mail message, which will solo ad vendor send to his suscriber list. Write a convincing message and explain, why your visitor must have your lead awesome magnet.

Step 6 : Stay focused and be patient. Check your new opt-ins and new sales every day, and in couple of months, you will be earning alot of money, with almost no work!

Earn 100$ daily with simple method

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