Jan 232017

If you are new to online marketing, you are probably spending alot of time deeply thinking: what should I promote?” If you are trying to find profitable niche and don’t know where to start, or you are not sure what a profitable niche is, you are at the right place. Now you will learn, how to find profitable and and not overcrowded internet marketing niche.

What is a Niche and which is the most profitable?

An internet marketing niche is a part of the market on which a specific product is focusing. It is a segment of bigger market, such weight loss. This big, major niche can be divided into lots of smaller segments, sub-niches like “weight loss by green juice drinking”, or “weight loss by green coffee beans” etc. Some of these sub-niches are also highly profitable, although there is lower competition, so it’s really worth doing some analysis to find if the one you are passionate about has profit potential.

How to find a profitable niche?

There are four most profitable major niches in online bussiness. They cover the major needs of all people: Money, Health, Love and Job.

  • Money (Loans, Mortgages, Investment, Real Estate, Consulting, etc)
  • Health (Weight Loss, Vitamins and Supplements, Healthy Diet, etc)
  • Love (Dating, Marriage, Relationships etc)
  • Job (Education, Profession, Careers, etc)

Of course, those major niches are extremely competitive and like a beginner, you have almost no chance to be successful. You have to dig deeper and deeper, into sub and sub-sub-niches where the competition is lower but there is still enough potential customers. For example, you have no chance in “Dating” niche, but in “Speed dating for divorced people over 40” you will be able to build successful and profitable website, which will be make decent money every month.

If you want to find uncompetitive but profitable niche, you should start with keyword research. There are many free Keyword research tools available. You can start with Google Adwords or some other free tool such as Wordtracker or Traffic Travis. In Google Adwords account, go to Tools, then to Keyword Planner, and then to Search for new keywords using a phrase website or category. Add a desirable keyword, like Dating. You will get many suggestions, based on your main keyword.  Download those keywords in an Excel sheet, and go in. Now you can sort these keywords by Average monthly searches, Competition, Suggested bid etc. Sort this keyword list by word count and select phrases with three or more words. One or two word phrases are too common an may be too competitive. Sort this keyword list again by Average monthly searches and pick up all over 1000 searches monthly. Those keywords below 1000 searches monthly are  too small for using as a niche, but you can use it lately as so called “longtail keywords”. Then sort the list again by Competition and pick up those keywords who have competition below 0,3. Those over 0,3 could be much competitive and hard to rank. Then sort the rest again by Suggested bid to find most profitable niches. Pick up these who have Suggested bid more than one dollar. Now you have short list of highly profitable niches, which are not very competitive, but with high profit potential.How to find profitable niche with low competition

Jan 052017

Welcome on my blog! I will write here about various methods of online money making. All of us desire of having some kind of passive income, earn money without any work or effort. Is it really possible to earn money online? Could you have “money machine” which will make you money, every hour, 24/7?Fortunately I can say, it is. I build websites and online businesses since 1999. Since 2004, when I left my job, I live by online business only.

How to make money online?

There are many ways to earn money on the internet. You can build a website and get money from affiliate links or google adsense, you can also make money on site or domain flipping (buy domains or websites in auctions and then sell them with a profit), you can sell your own product trough eBay, Amazon FBA or your own e-shop. Internet world is full of opportunities which are open for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, educated or not, if you are living in poor or developed country. We all are able to get rich. If I could managed it, you can manage it too!

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